Microsoft Xbox Predictions for E3 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for gamers, with E3 right around the corner! Before the deluge of official information hits, we’re here to deliver our predictions for Microsoft’s Xbox press conference. We’ll take a look at both rumours and facts to see what’s incoming for the Xbox platform—there are always some surprises in store!

E3 2019: Xbox Predictions

  1. Gear 5 release date and an in-depth look at gameplay
  2. Fable 4 makes an appearance
  3. Splinter Cell sneaks onto the Xbox E3 stage
  4. Long lost RARE-ities make an appearance
  5. Next-Gen Xbox hardware cometh
  6. Halo Infinite becomes the prime focus for next-gen Xbox hardware launch
  7. Blinx: The Timesweeper 3

Xbox’s E3 press conference will take place on Sunday, 9 June in what is one of their most important E3s ever. Last year they announced several new first party studios and have promised we will start to see some of the games they are working on for the Xbox One, Windows 10, and the next generation of Xbox consoles. Whether we will see them officially reveal said next gen consoles during the show is up for debate but we will most definitely see their upcoming xCloud streaming service, promising to deliver console quality gaming on almost every device via cloud streaming and scheduled to launch later this year.