iPhone charger need to be replaced, said EU

iPhone charger need to be replaced, said EU

Media reports said that the European Union may force the American company “Apple” to change its iPhone charger again, to make it common and compatible with all smartphones.

The British “Sky News” website said that although technology companies were previously directed to work together to develop a “unified” global charger, European Union officials say “voluntary agreements between different industry actors have not achieved the desired results.”

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According to European Union officials, the changes will make customer life “easier and help the environment”, as it is estimated that old chargers generate more than 51,000 tons of “e-waste” every year.

European Parliament members are planning to vote on this measure in one of the upcoming sessions.

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It is noteworthy that as long as the European Union called for the unification of chargers between technology companies, while Apple was criticizing the matter and saying that imposing a similar law would “stifle innovation and harm the environment and cause unnecessary turmoil for users.”

“More than a billion Apple(iPhone) devices, which are dependent on the current charger, have been shipped. We want to make sure that any new legislation does not cause any disruption to our customers,” Apple said in a previous statement.