Apple iOS 13.1.3 update launched for iPhone and iPad

Apple iOS 13.1.3 update launched for iPhone and iPad

Apple released a new update for iOS and iPadOS to fix a number of issues and provide some improvements for iPhone and iPad tablets.

The new update – number 13.1.3 – comes about two weeks after the release of version 13.1.2, which also came two days after the release of version 13.1.1 to fix a vulnerability that allows external keyboards to get “full access” and transfer data through the Internet even without user permission.

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As for the iPhone, the iOS 13.1.3 system comes to address a problem that prevented the device from ringing or shaking for incoming calls, to fix an issue that was preventing it from opening a meeting invitation in the email app, and to fix an issue that caused the data in the health application appears correctly during daylight saving time adjustment.

Some of the problems that the new update fixes in iPhone phones are not downloading Voice Memos recordings, and applications failing to download, after restoring the iCloud backup in both issues. The update also fixes the problem of preventing Apple smartwatch from pairing with the phone successfully, and the problem that prevents the reception of notifications on the watch.

IOS 13.1.3 fixes the problem of Bluetooth connectivity interruption on certain devices, improves the reliability of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, and handles launch performance for some applications using the Game Center.

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IPad 13.1.3 is some of the problems that iOS 13.1.3 fixes on iPhone, but also on iPads, including email, issues after restoring the backup, And pairing problems via Bluetooth.

It is noteworthy that Apple had launched the system (iOS 13) in late September with many features, most notably: (Dark Mode), which allows users to convert the system to black, including the company’s applications. External applications can automatically switch to dark themes taking advantage of the new mode.

The second most notable feature of iPhone OS 13 is the new drag mode on the keyboard, which allows users to drag words to speed up typing.

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The system also brings improvements to Apple’s apps, including maps, photos, and reminders. Maps now include instant estimates of public transport, and Google Street View. Photos got editing enhancements like cropping.