Apple plans to launch 7 new phones in 2020

Apple plans to launch 7 new phones in 2020

Reports indicate that Apple could release 7 new phones in 2020, including phones running on 5G networks and the long-awaited iPhone SE2.

Details of the new models were revealed in a special note for investors, by international analyst John Chang of Rosenblatt Securities, according to Apple Insider leaks.

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The leaks indicate that the iPhone SE 2, the successor to the iPhone SE launched in 2016, will be among the devices that will be released in March 2020.

It is said that the new phone will contain a 5.1-inch LCD screen, camera, and newer Apple’s A3 chip.
The phone will use the fingerprint recognition feature for authentication, rather than face recognition technology, and will support 4G rather than 5G networks.

It is likely to be the cheapest phone to be released next year, at only $ 399, according to the British Daily Mail.

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Meanwhile, the Apple iPhone 12 flagship suite will be released later this year, probably in September. The group will include iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Plus, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, and all these phones will have advanced LED screens.

Apple is expected to sell about 20 million iPhones equipped with 5G technology next year.