All Foldable Phones Coming in 2019

By the end of 2018, the giants of smartphone companies all over the world will be going to launch their folding smartphones by the beginning of the new year. 2019 is the start of a new race among these companies in this category of smart mobile devices.

The first of these folding phones came from an obscure name in the world of smartphones when the Chinese company Royole revealed the new device called “Flex Pai”, which is closer in size to a tablet and can fold the screen inside while working.


Royole’ “FlexPai” First Foldable Smartphone


The device is already available for sale on the company’s website at a price starting at US $1588, and is based on an 8.7-inch screen, Snape Dragon 8150, and an operating system called Water OS.


But this submerged operating system means a lot of difficulties in looking for apps that are compatible with the device, and the name of the company may make users think a lot before testing that device, and push them to wait for what promised by the major competitors in the field of smart devices.



South Korea’s Samsung, the world leader in smartphone sales, has seen the end of 2018 unveil its sleek smartphone at a developer conference in San Francisco, USA.


Samsung introduced its Infiniti Flex Infiniti Flex, a smart, flexible device that converts from a tablet to a phone by folding both ends of the screen.


Samsung Galaxy X Infinity Flex Display phone revealed, Price, Full Specifications & Features

Despite the lack of detail, the design Samsung has chosen for its folding device has become evident. It is in the form of a tablet similar to the devices currently available in the market, but this device folds inside and closes the notebook, and one of the external faces on another screen.


The internal screen size of the Samsung 7.3 inch, while measuring the external screen 4.5 inches, and depend on the OLED technology used in the latest Samsung phones and iPhone developed by Apple.


Samsung plans to ship 1 million folding devices in 2019 at an approximate price of $ 1,770, according to information quoted by South Korea’s Yonhap news agency as Samsung’s head of mobile phone division, DJ Koh.


According to the same source, the South Korean company will reveal the tenth generation of Galaxy S phones compatible with the fifth generation 5G networks, in the global mobile phone in Barcelona, and will be followed by the disclosure of the folding device, which may be named Galaxy F in March.


Android officially supports foldable phones



However, Samsung will have a competitive market for folding devices. Huawei’s fiercely competitive competitor, Hu Jintao, and its chief executive, Richard Yu, confirmed during the unveiling of the M1020 Pro that it is working on the production of a collapsible, V 5G which offers greater speed in internet connection.


Huawei will launch its folding phone at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona in February and will arrive later in June, South Korea’s ETNews said.


Leaks say the Huawei folding device will depend on two screens, the first is an 8-inch interior and the other is a 5-inch exterior. Which means that its design is similar to that adopted by Samsung, but on slightly larger screens.


The report revealed that the Chinese company BOE is to manufacture the screens of the new Huawei device, while Samsung will rely on screens from the industry.



But what about Apple? The US company, which preceded all its rivals when it launched its first iPhone and iPad, does not talk as usual about its future products, and there are no leaks to these devices until shortly before the official announcement.


Apple Foldable iPhone Design Leak


But this does not mean that Apple will not offer folding phones, because the company recently acquired a patent for a folding screen device, but the time lag between the patent and the final product is usually long, and it is expected that this device will see the light in 2020.


Apple’s patent drawings indicate that the design of its folding device depends on a joint in the center of the screen, allowing both sides of the screen to be folded either inside or out. The aim is to get the largest possible measurement of the screen and carry the device in the pocket at the bottom.



LG, the leader in flexible displays, will also unveil a retractable phone at a conference in Barcelona in February. The company has filed with the European Rights Protection Committee to register the name Foldi to be launched on its folding phones.



A company such as Motorola, which is now a monopoly of Lenovo, cannot be absent from this new class in smartphones. The company’s patent documents have shown that it will offer a foldable phone in the same design as Apple.


The Motorola device is based on a 6.5-inch screen, with a joint in the middle that allows the sides of the phone screen to be folded inside, but the time the machine will see the light is not yet clear.


With all of this variety of collapsible devices coming up in the coming months, technology giants will watch the user accept this new category, which is the most important factor that determines their continuation and evolution, or is declining, as is happening with tablets that have declined at the expense of large screen phones.