Five Reasons To Buy a New Smart Phone in 2019

As 2018 draws to a close, many people have raised many questions about the 2019 surprises about smartphones, with the rapid development of a more prosperous future.

Technology expert David Nild predicted the emergence of five innovations that would dominate the smartphone industry next year, according to New Attlas.


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5G Technology:

Although the infrastructure for building the fifth generation 5G network in the early stages, the next phones will be ready to work on such networks, and smartphone manufacturers will seek to get them within 12 months.

One of the most prominent features of the fifth-generation networks, the download and download information at higher speeds, perhaps hundreds of times the speed of the latest current networks, in addition to the capabilities of non-loss of signal even in crowded places.


Foldable Phones:

Samsung this year introduced the first model of a collapsible smartphone, indicating that this technology will dominate the market next year, with continued development and increased patent registration in this area.

Samsung will not be alone. Huawei has promised to unveil its collapsible smartphone in 2019, while LG has tested innovations like this. Apple may need some time to get into the ring.


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New Designs:

The front end of smartphones is an obsession for manufacturers, most recently, the abolition of the main button in the iPhone X, relying on the facial imprint, ignited the competition step between smartphone companies.

The development of the switches and ports for smartphones in 2019, or rather conceal them, is one of the most important areas of competition, with the increased testing of fingerprint technology and face in particular.


More Lenses:

Smartphones are still the starting point for many jumps in the industry over the next year. The phones have moved from bipolar to trilogy and then quadruple, and next year we can see what is more.

With LG patenting 16 lenses on a smartphone, competition between companies is likely to increase as more lenses are added, especially on the back of the phone.


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Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence will play a major role in the 2019 phones. Smartphones are expected to perform more and more tasks than ever before without the help of their users, such as the ability to recognize a dog or a cat through the image.

If smartphones are configured for this technology, users are expected to get faster results and greater response from devices in less time and simultaneously.