Android officially supports foldable phones

Google announced during a special event for developers of the Android system, the support of the operating system for phones with automatic retractable screens, as many companies are preparing to launch foldable generation phones during the current period.

Google has said that Android support for folding-screen phones includes both large-screen retractable phones and two screens. Google said it is working with a number of manufacturers to develop Android for retractable screens so that the software interfaces for phones eligible for uniformity between all companies.


Royole’ “FlexPai” First Foldable Smartphone


Google also announced one of the features of the phones that can be folded, which is the screen Continuity, which will automatically allow applications to automatically measure the measurement of the screen on which it operates and adjust the application to this measurement, where Google wants to make applications not affected by opening or bending the phone during the use of any application in Try to provide the greatest benefit to users.