Zong 4G Unveils Exclusive Roaming Data Bundles to Keep You Connected on Your Turkish Journey

Experience Turkish Journey to the fullest, whether for business or leisure, and stay effortlessly connected with Zong 4G tailor-made roaming data bundles. As Pakistan’s leading telecommunications network, Zong 4G is simplifying your international travel, one bundle at a time, by focusing on the evolving needs of modern travelers. These data-specific bundles for Turkey cater to data-savvy explorers, eliminating the need for extensive call or text message packages.

With a range of data options, from 1GB to 5GB, you’ll have ample resources for sharing your adventures, browsing, and navigating Turkey’s attractions. Activation is a breeze; simply use the MY ZONG APP or dial *4255# for durations of 15, 30, and 45 days, making it suitable for both short-term and long-term stays.

Here are the Turkey Data IR offers:

  1. Turkey Data IR offer (1GB) – Prepaid: Rs. 1,600 + Tax
  2. Turkey Data IR offer (3GB) – Prepaid: Rs. 4,200 + Tax
  3. Turkey Data IR offer (5GB) – Prepaid: Rs. 6,500 + Tax

A spokesperson for Zong 4G emphasized, “We understand the unique requirements of Gen Z and excel in crafting customized deals for them. The new Turkey Bundle is the ideal solution for those planning their vacation or conducting business in this popular destination, ensuring they stay online affordably.”

Zong 4G has paved the way for travelers heading to Turkey to remain connected throughout their unforgettable moments. These bundles align with Zong’s commitment to delivering seamless and cost-effective connectivity solutions, with customer convenience taking center stage.