Oppo Working on 10x Hybrid Zoom Camera

Huawei P40 Pro will come with 10x Optical Zoom

A few years ago, the struggle for smartphone cameras was limited to the number of screen dots or so-called “megapixel”. Now, competition is no longer limited, but more focused on what can be done with cameras on smartphones.

The competition in cameras, capabilities and Image quality has become “tremendous”, with four cameras in the back and one in the front.

Of course, the Chinese company Oppo will not be delayed from the race and conflict, and has launched a smartphone with three cameras, the first of its kind equipped with lenses using zoom and zoom technology.

In cameras with cameras or lenses, the second lens is often used to provide depth to the image, while the more advanced phones have added the close-up and monochrome lens and wide angle to support the main camera.

The camera unit in the new Oppo has 3 cameras, one for the wide angle with a focal length of 15.9 mm and a slightly higher key camera, according to ExtremeTec.

But what can be described as new in the Oppo cameras is the close-up lenses measuring 159 mm, which gives the possibility of rounding 10 times, although the highest zoom capacity in other phones cameras does not exceed 3 times, although Oppo has been able to reach the magnification of 5 times previously.

Oppo has solved the problem of adding more cameras to her side-by-side phone using the so-called “folded optics” method, where cameras are lined up like a telescope or a telescope, which redirects the light so the camera goes to the light path.

Oppo said the camera system in its phones will have the “image stability” feature, but there are many other features that the Chinese company has yet to reveal, but it has not disclosed whether it will guarantee the technology in its phones this year.

It is believed that Oppo will reveal all the details during the World Mobile Devices Conference.