TikTok collaborating with Will Smith for #GeminiManChallenge

Tik Tok, the world’s leading mobile video platform, has announced its collaboration with Paramount Pictures to celebrate the launch of “Gemini Man” with fans by introducing the #GeminiManChallenge competition starting October 5.

The move comes ahead of the release of Will Smith, the four-star Hollywood actor who will be released in October. Will Smith will personally present two free tickets to the film to 25 lucky winners around the world.

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In the film, Smith plays Henry, a high-level paid assassin who suddenly finds himself the target of a mysterious agent who what seems to predict each of his steps. Henry soon knew that the man trying to kill him was a smaller, faster clone of him called Junior. As events unfold, one of the scenes shows Junior saying, “I am the best,” to answer Henry, who controls the situation, saying “You are clearly not the best” in the final confrontation between them.

Inspired by this scene, the #GeminiManChallenge contest from Tik Tok allows users to challenge each other just as in the Henry-Junior confrontation, in parallel with Will Smith’s launch challenge through his channel on “Tik Tok”.

Here are the steps to follow in the #GeminiManChallenge:

  1. Shoot a scene showing your talent or skill and say “I’m the best”.
  2. Shoot a second scene for yourself, using the same skill or talent as you say “You are clearly not the best”.
  3. Gather the two clips together and post them on TikTok and use the hashtag #GeminiManChallenge.

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Tik Tok is the perfect platform to launch the #GeminiManChallenge competition, allowing everyone to capture and present their creative skills, knowledge and important moments in their daily lives. With a wide range of tools including filters, stickers, music options, special effects and many more, Tik Tok allows users to make entertaining and elaborate videos using only their smartphones.