Subscribe on Jazz World for Monthly Super Duper Offer

Subscribe on Jazz World for Monthly Super Duper Offer

Now you can get 6 GB + Extra 1 GB data & 3,000 + 150 mins by subscribing from Jazz World. You simply have to download the app and get the Jazz monthly super duper offer.

Jazz World is the one-stop solution to all your Jazz / Warid account needs and now you are able to manage your account easily with a few taps.

Jazz Monthly Ultimate Offer is Now Available in Rs. 1870

Subscribe on Jazz World for Monthly Super Duper Offer

Amazing features:

• Qibla direction compass
• Sehr & Iftar calendar during the holy month of Ramzan
• Get alerts for Sehr and Iftar in your city
• View and get alerts for prayer times in your city
• Daily Ayaat and Ahadees-e-Mubarak
• Duas for Ramzan and the 99 names of Allah
• All-new digital Tasbeeh Counter
• Play 250+ games within Jazz World
• Avail 10,000+ discounts from your favourite brands and restaurants!
• Get daily free internet. Login every day and claim a new reward every time. Come back daily for bigger rewards
• Invite friends to get free data. Get 50MB on inviting each friend, while your friend gets 100MB. Invite more friends to get more rewards.

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Account management features:

View your prepaid balance and postpaid bill
• Download your postpaid bill
• Stay aware of your usage and remaining MB, Minutes and SMS
• View expiry dates for your subscribed packages on prepaid numbers
• Subscribe to your favourite packages and offers
• Login with one click when using the Jazz data network
• Manage up to 5 numbers with your Jazz World account
• Get packages and offers specially recommended for your usage
• Recharge your prepaid balance and pay your postpaid bill using JazzCash, credit/debit cards or scratch cards
• Submit and view the status of complaints
• Get exclusive discounted bundles
• View and download your usage history
• View and download recharge history
• View and download package subscription history
• Order new or replacement SIMs and get them delivered to your doorstep

• Non-Jazz users can also experience the app

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