On Monday, July 23, 2018, Samsung updated its online store with a new listing for an as-yet accidentally announced Galaxy Watch smartwatch. The model posted to its site was a 42mm option with a Rose Gold finish. It also comes in Bluetooth. Samsung was quick to delete the listing but fortunately, screenshots had already been taken before that happened.

Galaxy Watch of Samsung has been rumored to feature along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that is unveiling on August 9. Samsung, however, accidentally posted the picture of the watch on its US retail website. It seems Samsung has accidentally confirmed its rumored smartwatch.


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This accident thereby confirmed rumors that Samsung would discontinue its ‘Gear’ tag and simply name the smartwatch ‘Galaxy Watch’. The move is meant to keep the smartwatch branding in line with the company’s Galaxy line of smartphones.

The model number appears to be unlike anything we have seen in the past. But the R800 series number does match with recent filings, suggesting that this watch is probably only a variant. Though clicking on the link lead to a dead page, there was still an image and product description of the smartwatch among the listings.

It’d look likely same as the Gear S3 Classic, at any rate in this specific variation. The say of a Bluetooth demonstrate indications at cellular-equipped adaptations, despite the fact that there’s no certification they’ll be accessible. It’s not clear what the Galaxy Watch would offer over the Gear S3.


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There are also some rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Watch include Bixby as a voice assistant, along with much-improved battery life. The accident did not reveal to us the cost but it rumored to be around $350, specifications or any other photo, but it is almost certain that the new watch will come in rose gold and by the name of Galaxy watch instead of Gear S4. The watch is expected to be launched along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on the 9th of August.