Pablo Escobar’s brother launches a foldable phone

Pablo Escobar's brother launches a foldable phone

The competition in the mobile market did not come this time from a new company that wanted to prove itself and the competition of the smartphone world. Rather, it came from Roberto Escobar, brother of the world’s most famous drug dealer, Pablo Escobar, who made billions of dollars in drug trafficking before being killed by the police in the 1980s.

The name of the new foldable smartphone is “Escobar Fold1” Gold. Its product asserts that it is unbreakable. According to Sky News Arabia, “Roberto seeks to compete with major companies in the field of smartphones, through the phone similar to” Galaxy Fold “from Samsung, and” Mate X “from Huawei.

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The new phone sparked widespread controversy thanks to the propaganda photos that were published to him, as it appeared on the background of the main screen, the image taken by Pablo Escobar upon his arrest.

Roberto stressed that what distinguishes this phone is that it is unbreakable, as its screen was not produced using glass as it is in other phones, but rather using a “special type of plastic”, saying: “It is very difficult to break the special plastic in it. We also have a better Degree of clarity. ”

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Although the phone is still fresh, Roberto said he would challenge the major smartphone companies and file a lawsuit against American Apple, which produces iPhones, next month.

He explained that the lawyers who represent him are attending a “collective lawsuit of 300 billion dollars against Apple for defrauding people and tricking them into buying worthless phones.”