Reservations for the Samsung Galaxy Fold phone has begun

Reservations for the Samsung Galaxy Fold phone has begun

South Korean Smartphone makers Samsung announced starting registration of pre-booking for the people interested in buying a copy of Samsung foldable phone “Galaxy F”, now the fans can register their selves through its website in order to obtain additional information about “Galaxy Fold”, registration will be started this week.

Samsung said that on Friday, April 12, two weeks before the official launch of the device, the company will send exclusive invitations to those people allowing them to book their place in the default queue. This gives people the ability to be the first to buy the “Samsung Galaxy Fold” phone.

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The pre-orders are scheduled to start on Monday, April 15, and Samsung will ship the first batch of 4G LTE-enabled phones with 512 GB of built-in storage capacity on April 26.

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Fold mobile phone and its fifth-generation Galaxy S10 smartphone at an event in February this year.

Its folding phone is one of the first folding phones to be launched on the market, a milestone in mobile technology, enabling users to use the device as both a traditional smartphone and a palm PC.

Separately, Samsung said its pre-orders for its fifth-generation Galaxy S10 will soon start, and promised to deliver it to customers by May, without announcing US prices for the 256GB and 512GB models.

The cost of this device in South Korean stores is about $ 1,200 (PKR 169,950) for the model of 256 GB and $ 1350 (PKR 191,193) for 512 GB.

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The Galaxy Fold uses a 4.6-inch external screen to convert it into a mini-monitor with a flexible 7.3-inch internal screen. The Galaxy S10 5G is traditionally a smartphone with a 6.7-inch screen, the ability to connect to fifth-generation networks, with four rear and two front cameras.

Consumers have recently moved away from buying expensive appliances that do not make significant changes compared to the devices they currently own. Galaxy Fold is a good example of where technology is heading and how device makers can change phones to make them more attractive to buyers.