Snapchat takes new action to “fight misinformation”

Snapchat takes new action to "fight misinformation"

Snapchat has begun to take new action to “combat misinformation” on its network, especially in light of the political exploitation of social media in more than one country in the world.

And check Snapchat network social published in political advertising through, to make sure, not likely to lie or mislead, according to the group confirmed “Snapchat” owner of the service, Monday.

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Thus, this popular service for adolescents did not adopt the Facebook strategy that allows the majority of political ads even if they involve a lie, nor those approved by Twitter, which intends to ban these ads almost completely.

“We are scrutinizing all the announcements, including the political,” Snapchat president and general manager Ivan Spiegel said in an article published by CNBC.

“What we are trying to do is to find a site for political advertising on our platform, especially since we are reaching a large number of young people and people who are now eligible to vote.”

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He continued: “We want to be able to engage in political debate, but we will not allow such things as misinformation in these declarations.”

Snapchat prohibits misleading or false political advertisements and has a team tasked with checking paid messages to make sure they don’t violate social network laws.