Huawei is preparing to reduce its dependence on Samsung

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New reports revealed that “Huawei” is heading to reduce supply orders for “Samsung” components, as a result of the US embargo, although the US ban imposed on “Huawei” certainly does not include the Korean giant “Samsung“.

However, the Korean company already has huge common interests with the United States and American companies, which may ultimately lead to Samsung agreeing to implement the Huawei bans.

There is no doubt that the American ban on “Huawei” was a wake-up call to many smartphone manufacturers in general, and “Huawei” in particular, as Huawei recently tries to cooperate with more suppliers and companies around the world, to avoid joining Other companies in this ban.

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Therefore, the new Huawei decision to reduce its dependence on the Korean giant Samsung, as a supplier of the company’s components, to avoid Samsung joining the ban decisions under pressure from the American administration.

On the other hand, some leaks indicate “Huawei” plans to rely during the coming period on components that were manufactured in the Chinese market at 100%.

So, Huawei will begin to gradually reduce orders for the Korean giant over the next five years, and will also rely more on local suppliers in China.

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While “Huawei” ranks fifth among companies that rely on Samsung components, where Apple comes in the first place, followed by “Best Buy”, “Deutsche Telekom” and “Verizon”.