One mobile charger for all phones in the world

One charger for all phones in the world

In what could be considered the first official step on the path to achieving a long-awaited dream, even if it came from one continent, the European Parliament approved by a large majority, on Thursday, a decision that would force technology companies to use only one type of charger.

Legislators in the European Parliament want to provide a single charger that can be used by phones of various brands and types of devices.

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The resolution also calls on the concerned officials of the European Union to study ways to increase the number of recycled cables and chargers and to ensure that customers are not forced to purchase a charger with each new device, according to CNN.

And previous media reports revealed that the European Union might force the American company “Apple “ to change its iPhone charger again so that it becomes common and proportional to all smartphones.

The British “Sky News” website said that although technology companies were previously directed to work together to develop a “unified” global charger, European Union officials say “voluntary agreements between different industry players have not achieved the desired results.”

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According to European Union officials, “The changes will make customer lives 9easier and help the environment), as it is estimated that old chargers generate more than 51,000 tons of “e-waste” every year”.

It is noteworthy that as long as the European Union called for the unification of chargers between technology companies, while “Apple” company criticized the matter, and says “That imposing a law of this kind would stifle innovation and harm the environment and cause unnecessary turmoil for users”.

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“More than a billion Apple devices, which are dependent on the current charger, have been shipped … We want to make sure that any new legislation will not cause any disruption to our customers,” Apple said in a previous statement.