Nayatel Triple Play Packages For Faisalabad

Nayatel offers a variety of packages to its customers in the four major cities of Pakistan. Just recently, I have covered the different packages the company offers to users in Twin cities, Peshawar and Faisalabad.

Nayatel is expanding its network in different regions of these cities and is hopeful to expand throughout the country very soon. In this article, I have covered Nayatel Triple Play Packages For users in Faisalabad. Let’s have a look at these.

How to Make Calls to Any Network with Nayatel Mobile Offer

These are Nayatel Triple Play Packages For Faisalabad

There a total of five triple play packages. Customers can choose among them based on their need. Here are the details of all these packages.

Now Enjoy Nayatel HRMS solution in Rs.100/month per Employee

Triple Play 5M 5 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 1,530 30 days
Triple Play 7M 7 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 1,699 30 days
Triple Play 10M 10 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 1,999 30 days
Triple Play 12M 12 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 2,399 30 days
Triple Play 15M 15 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 2,699 30 days