Huawei receives more than 20 awards at the IFA exhibition

Huawei announced that it has won more than 20 awards at the 2019 IFA exhibition in Berlin, Germany, to strengthen its reputation as the industry leader in innovative product design.

In addition to receiving a large number of awards, Huawei has won praise and admiration from consumers and specialized media in the field of technology at the exhibition, due to its experience of continuous use across all usage scenarios.

He praised both the magazine and the location of Popular Mechanics and site Android Central magazine and website Stuff products provided by Huawei exhibition IFA in 2019, which included chip processor 990 Kirin headphones HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 enjoyed isolation from external noise and the new version of the HUAWEI P30 Pro and your Internet connection Q2 Pro Ultra the speed.

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The award-winning products have a great year for Huawei, which relies on a purposeful philosophy of designing products that provide consumers with a powerful performance experience with a superior way to connect devices.

The HUAWEI P30 Pro was awarded the “Best Smartphone of 2019-2020” by EISA. The Kirin 990 processor chip also won the Best IFA Show award by Android Central, Android Headlines, The Big Tech Question, Gadget Match, Gear Diary, Mightgadget, and Ubergizmo.

Headphones won HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 award for the best exhibition presented IFA by both sites Android Authority and Android Headlines and Gadget Match and Gear Diary and GEEKSPIN and Popular Mechanics and Soundguys and Stuff and TalkAndroid.

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  • EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association): P30 nominated as Best Smartphone thanks to its photographic performances;
  • Android Authority: FreeBuds 3, Best of IFA;
  • Android Central: Kirin 990, Best of IFA 2019;
  • Android Headlines: FreeBuds 3, Best of IFA 2019;
  • The Big Tech Question: Kirin 990, Best of IFA 2019;
  • GadgetMatch: Kirin 990 and FreeBuds 3, Best of IFA 2019;
  • Gear diary: Kirin 990 and FreeBuds 3, Best of IFA 2019;
  • Ubergizmo: Kirin 990, Best of IFA 2019.