Huawei P40 Pro will come with 10x Optical Zoom

Huawei P40 Pro will come with 10x Optical Zoom

Ming Zhi-Kuo, one of the most famous smartphone information leakers, indicated that optical zoom will be the most prominent feature in the devices “Huawei P40 Pro” that will be launched next year by Huawei.

According to a report published by the company “TF International Securities”, Kuo showed that the rear camera of the upcoming phone, “Huawei P40 Pro“, will integrate the redesigned telephoto lenses, and will be the first in the world with an optical zoom rate of 10s, noting that it is expected to launch Huawei P40 Pro during the first half of 2020.

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The improved optical zoom, Kuo said, will expand to offer on many flagship phones over the next year, however, Kuo – who is best known for specializing in Apple product leaks – did not specify whether an iPhone would get it, noting that current versions of The phones support almost optically at 2S, and digitally at 10S, according to AIT NEWS, the technical news website.

Optical zoom has the advantage of preserving image quality when zooming, while digital zooming leads to a lack of clarity in the image.

The official release for the launching of both smartphones is not out yet but it is most likely to be released in March 2020, as the previous Huawei P30 and P30 Pro were launched in March 2019.

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Furthermore, the prices of the phone do not confirm yet, but according to the tech gurus after comparing the prices of previous Huawei smartphones concluded that the prices of Huawei P40 might be around $1163 and of Huawei P40 Pro might be $1240 cheap. However, the final verdict is yet to come.