Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Images Leaked Reveals Design

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Images Leaked Reveals Design

A bunch of images leaked to the Chinese social networking site Weibo of what could be the next Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 phone that has a shell shape, indicating potential Samsung design options for this highly anticipated vertical folding smartphone “Samsung Galaxy Fold 2”.

The South Korean giant plans to launch more foldable devices in the next two years, which shows that it has an existing strategy to make these phones easier.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold phone was one of the most futuristic smartphones that appeared this year, and for this device, Samsung used the traditional book design, but for the next foldable smartphone, the company may seek a more comfortable design.

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The company had a craving earlier this year during its developers’ conference of various morphology factors for its next foldable smartphone with potential options, including the clamshell design similar to the newly announced Motorola Razr from Motorola.

The pictures show that there is no official Samsung brand on the smartphone, indicating that it might be a prototype, but the round frame and speaker shape are attributed to the standard Samsung design language, and in addition, the smartphone is powered by the One UI user interface in Chinese.

Moving on to the design side, the phone opens to look like a standard phone with volume control buttons on the right, and the screen features a hole for the selfie camera, but unlike the Galaxy Fuld or Motorola Razr, the phone shown in the images does not include an external color screen.

The exterior includes a small monochrome screen at the bottom showing time, date and battery percentage, and next to this screen there is a dual camera with flash.

While the current leaks do not reveal any details about the camera, a previous report made it clear that the Galaxy Fold 2 may contain a Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor of 108 megapixels and another sensor for 5X optical zoom.

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The Korea Herald newspaper reported earlier this month that the upcoming Galaxy Fold is expected to be less expensive than its predecessor by about $ 845, which is less than half the cost of the current $ 1980 device.

And if reports are true, Samsung may unveil the next generation of the Galaxy Fold alongside the Galaxy S11 series in February 2020, and more information is supposed to appear in the coming weeks as the company’s main launch event nears early 2020.