Foree Gets PCI DSS Certification

Press Release – Foree announced today that it is now PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Certified. With this, Foree becomes one of the first startups in Pakistan to get PCI DSS certified.

Foree will enable every bank account, wallet, e-money account and card to be connected to an interoperable payment platform. Users will be able to pay anyone, any business however large or small, any institution be it public or private from their existing bank accounts, wallets, e-money accounts and cards.


Mehdi Hussain, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Foree, said, “Keeping our customers and users safe and delighted is our number one priority at Foree. We dedicate extensive resources to ensure all the user data and information is secure. We’ve built a company culture that reinforces trust at every opportunity.”

PCI DSS is a set of security standards designed to process, store or transmit financial transactional data securely. PCI DSS stipulates adherence to strict data encryption methodologies, network, and traffic monitoring services, and defined user access privileges to stored data. It’s increasing a benchmark & mandatory standard for all banks, processing centers, financial organizations and merchants working around payments.

CEO of Risk Associates (PCI Qualified Security Assessors) Dr. Aftab Rizivi stated, ”Security compliance requirements are continually evolving to address ongoing security issues. Achieving compliance with the PCI DSS demonstrates Foree’s commitment to providing a secure environment for handling sensitive financial transaction data of their customers. Foree’s young and dynamic team showed great enthusiasm and professionalism throughout the certification process. It has been a pleasure working with them; we congratulate Foree on receiving the PCI DSS compliance certificate.”

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The Founder and CEO of Foree, Saleem Ropani said, “Attaining PCI DSS certification is Foree’s latest effort towards our vision to deliver prosperity, and we believe this can be done by enabling easy, inter-operable and trusted payments and financial services.”