“Byte” a news competitor of TikTok

Dom Hofmann, the co-founder of Vine (Short Video Service), announced that its new application called Byte is now available on iOS and Android officially, after Byte was available in beta in April 2019.

The launch of the new application comes two years after the co-founder of Vine Short Video Service announced the construction of a successor to the short video app, and Hoffman worked years ago on developing Byte after he left the Vine service directly after the Twitter platform acquired it.

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Vine was a phenomenon visible among users, which relied on short videos that are easy to digest, which attracted many of them, and behind them, the big companies, and called on Twitter to strongly intervene and buy the service team. However, Twitter announced its intention to kill the service in 2016, to come 2017, and specifically January, was the official date for the killing of Vine, but co-founder Dom Hoffman still believed in service, and he had long served as a successor.

The Vine app

After extensive experimental stations, media reports said that there is a ready-made application in the name of Byte that looks like a modern transcription for almost everything that made the fine and unique of its kind, as once you register using your Google account “The only option on Android”, and then choose a name User, you are ready to enter the social network.

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Byte also relied on only six seconds of videos, to be played full screen and in episodes, and just like Instagram, the bottom bar invites you to explore categories and search for specific terms and creators and also provides shortcuts to your profile, activity, and camera.

Finally, with major competitors such as Instagram and TikTok, Byte will face a fierce battle to move forward and attract the largest number of users, however, this new network has not been launched out of the blue as many people search for short entertainment content, and this is what we find in TikTok, But with security concerns and TikTok oversight by some governments, Byte may have a chance to move forward.