Tinder introduced New security features to protect its users

Tinder introduced New security features to protect its users

If you want to find your spouse on the internet but are nervous about talking to a stranger then this news is for you because tinder is here!

The popular dating app Tinder has introduced some new features to protect its users, including a pancake button and other security measures.

Millions of people around the world search for friendship, love, and contribution daily through this app.

New security measures include features like emergency assistance, location tracking, and image recognition.

Tinder will be introducing the feature to its customers in the US starting January 28, but the company has not yet announced when the rest of the world will have access to those features.

Tinder owners also run other dating services like Match Group Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, and Hunge. They say these new features will soon be available on their other platforms.

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According to Match Group, it has invested in a company called Noon Light, whose mission is to provide emergency assistance that will be used on Tinder.

Customers will be able to connect with rescue services through the creation of new light and will be able to reach you with details about your location or location.

Users will be able to save all information about this person on the app before meeting anyone via Tinder. The record of where this meeting will take place will also be preserved.

In the event of an unfortunate incident, if the user presses the ‘PANK’ button, all their details will be immediately sent to the rescue services.

Image recognition can be a great way for people on the app to show their identities, or to lie about their identity.

Artificial intelligence will be used with the human operator to check profile photos uploaded to the app and users are asked to take several selfies at that moment to confirm their identity.

Match Group chief executive Mandy Ginsberg said it would be the first dating company to invest in an emergency service.

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“Our business requires that the dating experience be safe and positive,” he said.

“We have got the latest technology in New Light which can provide emergency services immediately and is not available in any other dating product,” he added.

The match group did not say how much it had invested in New Light.

Dating companies and other online platforms have been criticized in the past for insufficient efforts to protect their clients.

In 2018, British police said recorded sex offenses linked to online dating websites and apps increased almost twice as much as four years ago.

In recent months, Uber and Airbnb have also introduced new security features to address questions raised over their security measures.