SEGA Successfully Concludes Acquisition of Rovio Entertainment, Makers of ‘Angry Birds’ Mobile Game Franchise

SEGA Acquisition of Rovio

In a significant industry move, SEGA has officially finalized its acquisition of Rovio Entertainment, the mastermind behind the immensely popular mobile game series, “Angry Birds.” The news broke this week and was confirmed through SEGA’s official Twitter account.

Here’s the Inside Scoop SEGA’s strategic endeavour to procure Rovio Entertainment at a valuation of 706 million euros was initially unveiled in April of this year. Back then, the proposed acquisition garnered attention for its amicable nature, with Rovio’s board of directors extending their full backing and endorsement to the proposition. The anticipated timeline for sealing the deal was set to culminate by the close of September, a confirmation from SEGA has indicated.

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Per reports, SEGA’s interest in Rovio goes beyond a mere corporate manoeuvre, aiming instead to fortify its mobile game repertoire for online platforms. By capitalizing on Rovio’s established expertise in crafting real-time mobile gaming experiences, SEGA intends to propel its own gaming creations into the expansive global mobile gaming market, a realm ripe with untapped potential.

Intriguingly, Rovio envisions a trajectory that extends beyond the realm of mobile gaming, and SEGA, in a show of support, intends to allocate its own resources to facilitate this evolutionary journey.