Xiaomi’s Bin Lin shows off Xiaomi folding smartphone After Samsung and Royole FlexPai

Bin Lin, one of Xiaomi’s founders, appeared several days ago with a video on the Chinese website Weibo unveiling China’s next phone that will be the first collapsible smartphone of Xiaomi.

Like many companies in 2019, Xiaomi is also seeking to launch its first folding phone in its history, That late last year Royole and launched its folding phone Flex Pai as the first phones to come with a folding screen in the world, Samsung has announced the first model of its folding foldable phone, and it seems that the field will not be limited to just a few companies. Oppo, Huawei, LG, and many other companies are looking for this great technology, including the Chinese company Xiaomi Today, as she looks forward to her next phone by appearing in a video clip with one of the founders of the company. Below we find out what appeared in the video spread on the Chinese site Weibo.

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According to what appeared in the section, the next Xiaomi phone may see it with two folding screens, so that the phone comes with a large screen design as the tablets, and then can fold left and right terminals to the small size of the size of smartphones with a screen in the interface The front and back of the front panel are the left and right side. The phone is similar to the design of the Flex Pai and the Galaxy F, which was first released in December 2018, but with its curved edges, curved edges and various ideas.

As for the name of the new phone, there are some suggestions that suggest the possibility of naming the phone as Xiaomi Dual-Flex or Xiaomi MIX Flex, and we may see this phone soon in the market with the integrated version after testing several times, it is now scheduled to pass the phone multiple testing stages The flexibility of the screen and the quality of the performance capabilities and interface power of the MIUI to work on the device, which is almost what Samsung is also doing to test the phone is expected, they are almost at the same stage.

It seems that Samsung has not only come close to getting a folding phone and advertising it. In parallel, the Chinese Oppo has also been able to obtain folding phone technology. Recently, one of the images shown on this folding company’s mobile phone was discovered on Mobielkopen, Which came with Samsung’s folding phone.

Huawei is also working on the same design concept in its next year’s folding phone. Here is a picture of the design that shows the phone as a tablet when it is stretched, and in the shape and size of an ordinary smartphone.

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Given this great competition, we expect the folding phones to thrive at the beginning of next year, after each company has issued its own in the field and know the defects that will be in each of them with the first phone, and then try to repair the phones next year , Where folding phones will become the address next year with the specifications of the volatility of smartphones in the market.