Xiaomi Plans To Enter into U.S. in 2019

Xiaomi a Chinese tech company, who makes a successful smartphones line named as “Mi”, is planning to break into the U.S. markets. According to the company’s senior vice president, Wang Xiang, it’s looking at next year as a starting point.

No doubt, the Chinese smartphone market is doing well and even though some indigenous companies like Xiaomi are doing very well in China and all over other countries, now they are searching for other options to explore.

This U.S. smartphone market will be quite a great to traverse but its stringent laws and government concerns are making it quite difficult to penetrate in markets.


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Huawei had tried to enter the U.S. to no avail but current reports suggest that Xiaomi is actively preparing to enter the US mobile phone market next year and the company is very confident about it.

Wang Xiang, vice president of Xiaomi gave an interview to Reuters in which he announced that their company intends to enter the US market in 2019. So far, several Xiaomi devices have appeared on this market, but company plans for the next year the premiere of their phones in the United States.


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Xiaomi has found fortune in the European markets. The company rolled out in a few countries across Europe over the past two years, with additional country launches in the works.

In the current climate a successful launch in the U.S. would be quite harder then it looks, but if Xiaomi pulls it off, it could open up big things for the company.