Google Gaming Console LEAKED: Google Plan HUGE Rival To Sony Playstation and Xbox

Google is rumored to be releasing a HUGE new gaming console in secret, attempting to become a rival of Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox series. GOOGLE will take on PlayStation and Xbox’s dominance of the console market in a three-pronged attack.

What will be the new Google games console? gaming website) revealed a new gaming console would be on the way from Google to shake it up the market that has gone stale in recent months.

Both Microsoft and Sony are circulating in negative news, with Sony struggling to connect with players over the controversial cross-platform drama, while Microsoft is struggling to bring in new players to their console.


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Google is going to enter the market with a three-pronged approach:
1) A streaming platform.
2) New hardware.
3) An attempt to bring game-developers under an umbrella.

At the Game Developers Conference back in March Google’s representatives met with several big gaming banners to gauge interest in its streaming platform, code-named Yeti.

It is also rumored that the Google will be looking to buy entire game studios instead of simply licensing them out to develop games for them.

Google take interest to take streaming a step forward, opening up high-spec games to low-end PCs and consoles by offloading intense graphical rendering to powerful computers connected to a server.


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According to experts, the gaming industry will bring in more than $180 billion till 2022, with gaming becoming an increasingly more acceptable pastime.

Should Google make the step into the market and develop something to rival the future of gaming, which could come in the shape of the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox 2, it is likely to shake up the market beyond recognition.