Vivo Unveils All-New Y Series Phones in Pakistan

Vivo Unveils All-New Y Series Phones in Pakistan

Unveiled VIVO for the new Y series phones in the Paksitani market to provide integrated professional experience in photography with the new triple camera completely and enhanced technology offer a full world of the enormous battery capacity of 5000 mAh provide power continuously more to enjoy your phone without worrying about the need for shipping.

The new series includes three models: Y12, Y15, and Y17, designed to meet the needs of the third-millennium generation and its fast-paced lifestyle.

All-new Y series, which includes three phones, is designed with a vision for the future explores the needs of the new generation in terms of professional imaging capabilities.

The Vivo Y12 is officially announced with a 5000mAh battery and tripple camers

Driven by the passion to meet the needs of the younger generation, the new Y Series from Vivo is a testament to our commitment to bring the latest technologies and advanced features to our new generation customers worldwide and is a fantastic collection designed to offer more to young people regardless of their lifestyle.

Professional shots at your fingertips:

Capturing the most beautiful high-resolution images is easy with the new Vivo Y range, and users – with a triple camera that combines a 13-megapixel main lens, an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens, and a dedicated 2-megapixel lens – can capture Professional photos with little effort, and the wide-angle 120-degree second lens lets you capture more every day.

Precise edge for the most beautiful view:

The screen in the new series is 6.35 inches full-width technology in the three models of the group, and covers the screen 89 percent of the surface of the phone with very precise margins on the four sides and a ratio of up to 19.3: 9, which contributes to the ease of control of the phone with one hand All handy control buttons.

Class-leading battery:

In support of these great technologies in the new series, Vivo provided its phones with a huge battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh to remove the user’s concern about the need for continuous charging of the phone, where they can enjoy taking pictures and videos or playing on the phone without worrying about the end of charging as it was In the past.

All models Y12, Y15 and Y17 offer an exceptional experience in every sense of the word to meet the different needs of vivo customers around the world.

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Y17 dedicated to selfie lovers and constant communication on the go:

The perfect shot is now accessible to everyone with the Y17, thanks to the all-new triple camera and 20-megapixel front camera with face correction technology that gives you the ability to take beautiful selfies and share them on social media instantly.

For those who love to travel and who want to stay connected to the Internet always, the Y17 battery offers a maximum capacity of 5,000 mAh and a guarantee of staying connected around the clock, especially with the fast charging technology that is available in this device with the nine latest security standards in the world.

Y15 is designed to meet the multiple social needs of customers:

The Y15 is a Vivo Y Series sports category, with a 6.35-inch screen that covers 89 percent of the phone’s surface with ultra-narrow bezel-less display technology, making it the perfect device for watching movies and enjoying social content on various communication channels.

The Vivo Y15 is equipped with a 16-megapixel front camera and a triple camera on the back, making it the best in its class for imaging capabilities, specifically with facial technologies available to give customers the ability to capture memorable memories.

Y12 combines all the essential benefits to serve your daily needs:

The phone offers all the features and technologies leading smartphones to meet all your daily needs. It is equipped with a huge battery with a capacity of 5000 mA provides a continuous supply of energy to enjoy photography, video and electronic games, in addition to advanced technology to rationalize the use of energy and enhance the durability of the battery.

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The Y12 maintains the manufacturer’s promise to deliver a professional imaging experience with advanced triple camera and full-width technology to meet the needs of the third-millennium generation and enjoy the latest photography techniques from Vivo.

Available Products:

The Y series is available in the Paksitani market and you can contact the official distributors to find out the prices.