Sony launched its first electric car at CES 2020

Sony, the famous company for mobile phones and other electronic products, has introduced a car for the first time.

Yes, to an electric vehicle that the company introduced during the CES Technology Show in Las Vegas.

Sony’s first concept vehicle was introduced under the Vision S program and is not currently available for sale to consumers.

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The car was developed by Sony along with several companies, including Qualcomm.

Sony did not name the concept vehicle, but its code has been named semi-safety cocoon and it has also been tested on the road.

It has 33 sensors that can use automated driving, 360 reality audio technology, widescreen display, and other features.

The details of the vehicle were not disclosed by the company, but it uses Sony Imaging and Sensing Technologies, while AI, Telecommunications and Cloud Technologies are also part of it.

The sensors inside and outside the vehicle are notable for high resolution, HDR CommOS image sensors (for identifying objects and colors on the road) and radars.

In addition, time-of-flight sensors have also been made part of it so that they can identify people and goods inside and outside the vehicle.

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According to the company, it has Level 2 of automatic driving, that is, its system can have full control of accelerating, braking and steering, but the driver needs to monitor the vehicle’s response so that there is no damage to the system.

The car has 4 seats while two 200kW engines are given that help it to run from zero to 62 miles per hour in 4.8 seconds, and can run at a maximum speed of 149 miles per hour.