Apple iPhones 2020 are reportedly feature all new design

Some changes in the design of the

Ming-Chi Kuo, a senior technology analyst, announced a surprise for fans of the iPhone, confirming that Apple plans to make major changes to the iPhone for 2020, and change the design of those phones almost completely.

According to our technical correspondents, although it is still several days before Apple unveils the lineup of new phones for the year 2019, but rumors began to appear about the company’s phones for 2020, more than a year ago.

Meng Chi-ku confirmed that Apple phones for 2020, will include three major changes, the first change completely design, where we will see a completely new design is the first of its kind since the company released iPhone X in 2017.

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The second change that will make a big leap is that the iPhone in 2020 will support 5G networks to all iPhones, as well as camera functions to be upgraded. New standard.

The new design will be an important breakthrough in the iPhone, in light of the slow change in the design of the iPhone, based on the system “Tech Talk”, so that the devices get a major redesign in the first year, followed by the improvement of the design the following year, but this pace slowed Finally, the design of the iPhone 6 lasted four full years, where it appeared in the 6 and 6 S, 7 and 8, as was the case in the design of the iPhone X, which is heading to its third year.

Although there is little detail about the new design of the iPhone, an earlier report by analyst Ming Qi Kuo pointed out that Apple plans to adjust the screen sizes for the two phones OLED, to get the smaller device on the screen measuring 5.4 inches compared to the size of 5.8 inches for the phone (iPhone XS), while The larger device gets a 6.7-inch screen compared to the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max.

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Another report released by Bloomberg earlier this week claims that Apple will also introduce on-screen fingerprint technology to the iPhone 2020, as well as where this feature will work alongside the current Face ID face scan to add a new level of protection.