New leaks about the upcoming iPhone 11

New leaks about the upcoming iPhone 11

Apple is planning to launch new products in the coming weeks, including new iPhones, as well as upgrading iPads and launching new iPad 11 phones, a report said Friday. New portable devices for the first time in years.

The report pointed out that Apple intends to announce 3 new iPhones during its upcoming event next month, and the company is likely to launch these phones for sale during the same month, in an attempt to contribute to improving sales of the fourth quarter of this year.

Apple Is Planning To Launch A Triple Camera iPhone In 2019

For its part, said Bloomberg News, that Apple also intends to launch before the end of this year updated versions of iPad Pro devices, with improved cameras, processors faster, and plans to announce a low-level iPad with a larger screen, in addition to new versions of its watch “Smart Apple Watch”, updated for «MacBook Pro» for the first time in 3 years.

Sources from inside Apple confirmed that the company is working at the same time to make updates to its audio accessories, including AirPods, headphones, and HomePod.

Bloomberg also revealed that the iPhone will come in three versions, where there will be a model «iPhone Pro» to be an alternative iPhone XS and XS Max.

Apple seeks to protect its users from “Automatic Subscription”

It is expected that the new iPhones will have a new rear camera system, which will consist of 3 cameras, and the third camera will focus on wide-ranging photography, and the three cameras will take pictures at once, and the camera uses a new intelligent program to automatically correct the captured images and then collected in one photo The image resolution will be better with the new camera system, and shooting capabilities will improve in low light conditions.

The new phones will also support reverse wireless charging, which allows users to charge other devices by placing them on the back of the phone only, and the company revealed that the shape of the phones will not change, as the screens will maintain their size, but may change some colors of the iPhone, and maybe the new phones are able to withstand the fall thanks to the new anti-crash technology.