Snapchat now supports 3D Camera Mode for iPhone

Snapchat now supports 3D Camera Mode for iPhone

The popular messaging service Snapchat has announced the launch of a new update to its iOS operating system that brings with it a new feature that allows a third dimension to be added to the filters, according to technical news website The Verge.

In the latest version of its Spectacles, Snapchat has supported the 3D feature that allows users to see the world with effects that give the user a sense of 3D imagery.

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This feature is now available on some iPhones under the name (Camera Mode 3D).

Leaflets published in 3D Camera Mode appear to be three-dimensional with depth sensation, as the user moves the phone in different directions.

The new feature is limited to iPhone phones that come with the depth sensor, from the phone (iPhone 10) and beyond. Other phones cannot add 3D effect to publications, but they can be viewed, including Android phones.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook has already been in the field of (3D), unlike Snapchat, which requires a special sensor supports the three-dimensional to support the new feature, Facebook had launched in October 2018 feature to convert images to three-dimensional using artificial intelligence, a feature That have not yet reached Instagram.

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The latest version of the Snapchat app can be downloaded on the iPhone from the App Store, as well as for Android phones from the Google Play Store.