Pakistani mobile broadband users superpass 61 million mark

The number of broadband subscribers including 3G and 4G in the country has crossed 61 million mark, according to recent statistics released by the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) show a significant amount of increment in the total number of users and all four network operators providing mobile broadband services added more than one million subscribers in just one month.


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PTA’s statistics shows that more than 3.94 million 4G and 3G users were added in the last 4 months effectively increasing our mobile broadband user base to more than 61 million milestone, previously the number of mobile broadband subscribers was around 60 million till July 2018. This is somehow a gigantic growth which shows increased demand for mobile connectivity throughout Pakistan with more and more people using the internet for their daily needs. Numbers issued on Monday by PTA also revealed that the number of mobile phone users, on the other hand are also increased and reached to 151 million by same time period as compared to 150.24 million during June 2018.

As per statistics revealed by the PTA, current mobile broadband users are:

Network Provider Current Total Users Current 4G Users Current 3G Users
Jazz 20.1m 5.077m 15.045m
Zong 16.794m 7.76m 9.034m
Telenor 13.809m 3.59m 10.210m
Ufone 7.472m No 4G service 7.472m


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Despite the fact that Ufone didn’t provide 4G service, they also showed a healthy growth in the number of mobile internet users.


According to PTA, the advent of the smartphone and wireless technologies in the country during last few years has shown it’s worth and led to the creation of uncountable innovative services and applications that are being used in the beneficiary for different kinds of users. People now with basic education know the need for smartphones and mobile internet. Network Operators with maximum speeds and uninterrupted delivery are grabbing the maximum market share. This growth in users is largely influenced by pricing campaigns and the availability of the network throughout the country.

“We need to introduce more innovative services in mobile broadband arena not only to facilitate the consumers but also attract precious foreign investment and meet modern requirements,” statement by PTA.


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According to reports and rumors test and development of technologies for the fifth generation (5G), wireless networks in Pakistan are also on the to-do list which would be implemented by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The mobile broadband users growth in Pakistan is expected to touch 8 percent mark in the coming years as the country would have more than 100 million smartphones by 2020.