PlayStation 5: Leaks, Rumours, Release Date, Price and Specs

A few days ago we get some leaks and had a great and serious detail about the next Sony device and the leaks without a doubt about the PlayStation 5 platform. Through those leaked reports we are going to share you about some comprehensive inventory of the most important technical features that would be in the next PlayStation device.

Not to mention details of the launch date to be determined by the diversion in November at the end of next year, but with regard to the official announcement has been revealed an approximate date set in February next year.

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Sony wants to take the lead in the final unveiling of this event at the next E3 event, which will undoubtedly be a great opportunity for the company to offer all the technical specifications of the device.

But before that, a packet of information was revealed through a secret source inside Sony, which revealed serious documents from within the latter that give us a look at some of the technical specifications of the next device Playstation 5 and below the article can take a look at all the information that will be available through the machine.

Details and specifications of PlayStation 5 technology:

– The PlayStation 5 will feature features of the AMD 2 architecture designed with the precision of the 7 Nano, which can be compared with Intel’s eight-generation processors with several features and additions that allow it to continue for many years.

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– At the level of the graphics processor, the console will provide us with an AMD processor will be integrated with the data processor, which will reach up to 11.2 Terra Hearts with the ability to grant 8k display resolution, which ensures the device a very long period of markets.

– The graphics card will be supported by light tracking technology such as the NVIDIA RTX graphics chip, not to mention technologies such as TA and MSAA, which are available through the PC and DLSS, which is currently only available with RTX.

– The PlayStation 5 will also support the new PlayStation VR 2 virtual reality device, which will be very sophisticated. It is expected to provide several months after the launch of the device, which will provide the latter with additional features. In this new version, The use of the technology is non-wired. The helmet comes with a receiver that will be used to track the signals available through the helmet with the support of the latter screen for the clarity of the 1440p HDR color contrast technology.

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– I would also like to mention the important information that came from the report provided by the facilitator. The document indicated that the device will allow the possibility of using the same content on the PlayStation 4, where the latter shares the same architecture so it will not be difficult for Sony to transfer The same features to the PlayStation 5 and developers can raise the level of their addresses through the platform Playstation 5 by offering updates from time to time to raise the level of graphics and display resolution, not to mention the support hand control PlayStation 4, which will be usable from the next platform.

– PlayStation 5 will allow the first model when launching a copy includes a hard disk up to 2 terabytes and is expected to leaks to provide another type at a price of up to 1 terabyte.

– The launch of the platform is expected in a sequential manner. Unlike the PlayStation 4, which is available worldwide except for Japan on a certain date, the PlayStation 5 platform is expected to be first available in North America and Australia first, then available in Europe and Japan. In other parts of the world where the month of December next year will be the launch date of the device for a final.

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– As for the form of the device leaks did not exclude this aspect never where and through what surfaced on the surface today was revealed the following form that will appear on the device and where through the architecture revealed through the leak designers expected that the shape of the device will not differ much What we see in the picture where Sony will not give up the simplicity of design that is still known and can find several similarities between it and the PlayStation 4 Pro, such as lighting that appear in the middle of the device, not to mention the buttons that remind us a lot of PlayStation 2 and personally see That the shape of the device is distinct and I hope that does not depart far from the latter.