Samsung announces it's next flagship phone Note 10

Samsung announced that it will unveil a new phone next month 7th August 2019, confirming technical rumors that have been circulating for some time.

According to our sources, the Galaxy Note 10, which will be announced by the South Korean company, will be one of the most advanced phones in the series in terms of advantages.

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The company was vaguely involved in announcing the phone, with only a smart pen and a camera lens on it, but several technical reports published speculations about the device.

Experts are likely to keep the new phone on the design of the Note series, but the device will also take some features of the Galaxy S10, such as the position of the lens at the center point, the upper part of the device.

In the meantime, the fingerprint reader will be placed inside the screen, and the device will have two copies. There will be a phone from a 6.3-inch screen and a 6.8-inch touch screen phone.

The Note 10 Plus is likely to be compatible with the fifth-generation network, and the stylus attached to the device is likely to have new features.

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Rumors have it that these phones will not have an Apple-style earphone outlet, which could be a nuisance to users, especially since Apple’s experience was not much appreciated.

The hole that usually allows memory cards to be inserted into Samsung phones may not be in one of the two new phones, even if users of the South Korean device have set it up for years.