Emtek Group acquired the rights to the BBM instant messaging service in 2016 to revive this chat application, which emerged in the early-mid-1990s. Unfortunately, the company announced today that it will discontinue the consumer-oriented version of this application on May 31.

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The press release revealed that the company staff “Poured their Hearts” to make the BBM application great again, but the team eventually acknowledged that users had moved to other chat platforms while proving that it was difficult to convince new users to register.

Because Emtek Group has decided to pull the plug out of the BlackBerry Messenger application, the original BlackBerry company that still offers security solutions makes the BBM Enterprise app available to the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store. “The decision was made based on BlackBerry’s respect for dedicated users,” the BlackBerry Limited statement said. The BBM Enterprise application will be free to use in the first 12 months and will then cost $ 2.49 for six months.

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