Notable changes and features in iPhone 11

Notable changes and features in iPhone 11

Apple was able to grab the world’s attention on Tuesday when it showed the latest iPhone smartphones in California along with a number of other devices and services.

Technology experts believe that the launch ceremony carried several messages about the future of “Apple”, but users did not pay attention to some of them.

At the famous Steve Jobs Theater, Apple unveiled its new iPhone 11, TV broadcast service and an advanced iPad.

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According to our correspondent, a technology specialist, the highlight of the revelation is the promising future of iPad.

“We were never as happy with iPad’s future as we do today,” said Tim Cook, the company’s chief executive.

The source said that the iPad, which was revealed, will be sold at less than half the price of the iPhone, which is the best “iPad” of its kind to this day, according to experts.

Apple has compared this iPad to the best computer it sells in the US at the moment, and since it has a smart connector, the user can connect the device to a keyboard and then experience a similar experience on the computer.

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The second most noticeable observation at the Apple event is that the company’s perception of the smartwatch is clearer, while the wearable is similar to the iPad.

After the new launch, the Apple Watch is no longer designed to do all the tasks that iPhone and iPad do, meaning they no longer focus primarily on features such as remote unlocking or translation.

In contrast, the watch will provide an outstanding service – access to the ambulance – in 150 countries, even if the iPhone is not nearby, and in the same vein, the watch will provide better monitoring of health indicators in the body.

The third highlight of the ceremony is that the company wants to make money from you in any way, through the imposition of paid subscription to many services such as games service “Apple Arcade” and “TV service” to be received by the buyers “iPhone” and “iPad”.

The change, according to the site, is that “Apple” was selling you an expensive device, with a large margin of profits, but today Vtabek device is expensive, and not only that, you are forced to subscribe expensive fees as well.

Although Apple’s TV service has received much attention, digital experts are unlikely to make a big difference, even if the company will offer a one-year free subscription to all who buy Apple devices.

Apple’s rivals such as Disney and Netflix will not be afraid of Apple’s TV service, as long as they are confident in the good content they offer users.

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On the other hand, the company “Apple” to achieve diversity in the ceremony to provide devices, and did not rely the pioneer of global technology on people of the same color or sex, but progress was not enough according to some.

Since the sterling exchange rate has fallen considerably because of the crisis of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, it can no longer be sold “Apple” at the same price, whether in dollars or pounds sterling.

At the moment, the situation is different. The new iPad is sold for $ 329.