Leaked Gmail Redesign Reveals Chat, Meet, and Docs Integration

Leaked Gmail Redesign Reveals Chat, Meet, and Docs Integration

Google is functioning on an enormous Gmail redesign integrating chat, meets, and document. Leaked Gmail Redesign reveals that soon, users are going to be ready to collaborate with their colleagues, work on Google docs, and have a gathering on Google Meet without leaving Gmail. we’ve come to understand about this new integration from the leaked images of the redesign.

Leaked Gmail Redesign- A new Way to Look at things

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There was news that Google is looking to unify its platforms, incorporating all its entities into one. the corporate is successful in unifying workplace tools and messaging app under one app. it’ll make it easier for people to try to different chores while staying at one app. The leaked images above show that the launch of this unified app is near.

No doubt, Unified Apps are the new trends in town, and Facebook was the pioneer of it. Though it is not able to integrate all its app into one entity, it was one tech giant that announced that soon people are going to relieved by doing their all task while staying on one app.

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Google App integration was much needed, and it will simplify the way people work. Furthermore, since we have received these slides, it shows that Google is soon going to launch this functionality for us.