Twitter Blocks Tweets from Verified Users Amid Massive Hack

Twitter Blocks Tweets from Verified Users Amid Massive Hack

Yesterday, Twitter had to witness a huge hack on its platform and popular accounts including Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and others tweeted out a bitcoin scam. Following this massive hack, Twitter has disabled the ability of the many accounts to send tweets.

Twitter’s Massive Hack is Fixed Now

After a while, the ban was lifted and therefore the company announced now most of the users are going to be ready to tweet again. The block on tweets seemed to only verified accounts. Unverified accounts were ready to tweet normally.

After some time, the company told me that it is working on fixing the situation so password resets and some other functionalities will not be available. Some of the users were automatically logged out of their accounts when Twitter started limiting tweets.

Twitter launches blocking “abusive comments”

It was one of the massive hack witnessed by nay social media giant and it shows how much we are unsafe on these platforms. But the swift action of the Twitter team is appraisable.