KY-O1L: World’s Thinnest Smartphone, as Small as a Credit Card is Here

The Japanese mobile network NTT DoCoMo on Thursday presented what it called the world’s thinnest phone, much like a credit card.

The new phone, KY-O1L, is manufactured by Japan-based Kyocera.

The “card phone” is only 5.3 mm thick and weighs 47 grams, prompting DoCoMo to assert that it is the lightest phone in the world, according to the technology specialist The Virgin.


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The phone has a 2.8-inch monochrome (black and white) screen, based on electronic ink technology, which is lightweight, energy efficient and, more importantly, more comfortable for the user’s eye.

According to the Japanese network, the phone will be available only in Japanese markets starting in November, at a price of nearly $ 300, and has not announced future plans to be launched in other international markets.

KY-O1L includes a Micro USB port and supports Bluetooth 4.2, as well as the ability to operate over 4G networks at the highest download and download speeds available through this network.

The new Japanese phone has an Internet browser but lacks a camera or even an application store. The company has not announced the age of its 380 mA battery, but it is supposed to work for a long time due to the nature of its screen and the simplicity of its operating system.


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Many of the specialized phone specifications have been dubbed “the thinnest” in the world, because of the slimmer phones such as the Moto Z and the Oppo R5s.