iPhones gets a new messaging app named “Honk”

iPhones gets a new messaging app named

The company behind Honk’s new messaging app announced that its app is now available for iPhone users.

The new application is distinguished from all regular messaging applications with the idea of ​​its interfaces that make the interaction between people more lively and enjoyable, as this application does not contain a record of conversations and correspondence, but rather users correspond in it through interfaces in which the writings appear directly and then disappear by themselves, that is, its data It will not occupy as much space in the devices’ memory as other applications.

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The user can choose one or several contacts to have a group conversation, and users can make messaging more fun via distinctive emojis.

The user can send messages of 160 characters per message, as well as the ability to control the colors and shapes of the messaging interfaces, and the ability to specify specific emoji to appear next to words or phrases during chats.

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The application is supposed to get additional features in the future, and it will be launched at the beginning of next year for Android devices as well.