iPhone SE 2020 is expected to launch soon

iPhone SE 2020 is expected to launch soon

Especially because it looks like high-end phones are becoming bigger and costlier , there’s been tons of interest in rumors over the last year approximately that Apple will release another value-priced model, iPhone SE 2020.

The iPhone SE provided strong performance during a small package in 2016, and now, 9to5Mac cites their sources claiming Apple will use the name again on a phone that would launch very soon, with orders starting as soon as Friday.

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Of course, that might be a unprecedented debut under any circumstance, and particularly now because the company’s stores are closed most countries round the world.

Previous rumors have suggested that the cheaper device could look tons like an iPhone 8, and 9to5Mac also points out an inventory for a Belkin screen protector that recently updated to say the SE also . As far as specs, they’re suggesting three tiers of storage at 64GB / 128GB / 256GB, and three colors: white, black and merchandise (RED).

If the rumors delay , then it might replace the iPhone 8 in Apple’s lineup, while featuring a version of the newer A13 processor that powers the iPhone 11 series.


It seems certain that Apple will launch a replacement , model which are less in price at some point if only to simplify its product offering around devices with similar components, but with the corona-virus pandemic affecting every level of logistics there’s room for more variation than usual on when such a product might arrive.