iPhone 12 new leaks hints some major features

iPhone 12 new leaks hints some major features

It is still many months away from the date of the launch of the iPhone 12, but digital rumors have begun to reveal the expected features of the device, which is widely anticipated in the world.

According to the “Forbes” website, the “iPhone 12” phone will witness a noticeable change at the design level, and the reason is that the device will support the fifth generation network of communications.

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The source stated that “Apple” has abandoned the antenna responsible for the fifth generation network provided by Qualcomm due to its huge size that does not fit the new design.

It is possible that the device will be launched in different sizes, with the smallest being in the range of 6.1 inches, in addition to relying on the “OLED” screen and another “LCD” model, while the best phone will reach 6.7 inches and it will be the “OLED” screen.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 camera is expected to be augmented with advanced ToF cameras, but not all models will be included.

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The TOF camera allows smartphones to monitor objects or solids, by emitting light pulses and estimating the time it takes to return.

This process contributes to better recognition of faces, as well as the ability to beautify images and to create holograms that are closer to reality.