Intel plans to develop a foldable smartphone that can switch into a computer

Intel plans to develop a foldable smartphone that can switch into a computer

After many smartphone manufacturers obtained the different patents for folding phones such as the South Korean giant Samsung, the US giant Apple, the successful Chinese companies Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi and LG, Intel also took this step by obtaining a patent for the phone Intelligent new folding, supports switching to the status of the computer running Windows, and below we let you know the details of the news.

Today, Smartphones are one of the most devices in our daily life. As you know, every year we see many new technologies emerging in the smartphone markets, folding phones are the most recent phones. In the first half of the year, and it seems that Intel may soon be in the race. As we saw the first folding phone Flex Pai from the Chinese company Royale, we may soon see more sophisticated models for many other companies.

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As for the next Intel phone, a patent has been patented for the US company through LetsGoDigital in Germany. In 2017, this patent was registered for the first folding phone from the company. The phone features a folding screen that allows it to expand into full screen, Or in the size of the mini-smartphone with the capabilities and capabilities of computers transformed, Valhav may be running Windows as well.

LetsGoDigital published the patent for the Intel phone in a three-dimensional design that describes the phone’s patent scheme. The patentable images of the planned phone model revealed the possibility of Windows 10 being installed automatically in the phone, which means it will support many features Computers.

This device comes with 3 parts that can be folded, you can extend the screen completely to turn the device into a full-screen tablet, or you can only fold the right part of the device until you have two parts can convert the device to a laptop, where the half As a display and the left part as a keyboard. Two parts of the phone can be folded to the size of a natural smartphone, which is what we see first in this field. Many of the patents and phone models we have seen come with phones that can be folded in only two parts, or this phone will enjoy 3 parts.

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The Stylus style, which works with the Palm Touch Screen, is expected to support many tasks faster. The stylus can be memorized inside the design and placed in one of the corners where the phone can be installed with an installed magnet In this corner to save the pen.

This was not Intel’s first attempt to manufacture this form of hardware. It announced two models at Computex 2018, the first model with a retractable phone, the second model with a convertible computer, and both devices came with a separate screen.