Huawei is preparing to launch its new phone without Google applications and services

Huawei has decided to release its latest smartphone, the Mate 30, but without the presence of Google, due to the withdrawal of the license of Android from Huawei phones under the US sanctions.

The company announced the launch date of the Huawei Mate 30 and will be launched on September 19, in the city of Munich, Germany.

Huawei will have to rethink the possibilities of its new phone “Mate 30”, as told the company “Google” that it will not be allowed to cooperate with Huawei, and provide them with its main services, amid continued to prevent US companies from dealing with them.

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It is noteworthy that Google decided to deprive the phone Huawei Mate 30, from all the main applications pre-set in the phone, and will not be on the phone any of them, and the user will have to download them again.

For its part, Google has made it clear that it will not be able to provide applications such as Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps, ready and in advance on Huawei phones, because of the sanctions imposed by US President Trump.

Huawei will only be able to download the Android open-source system and Google will not provide any support in anything related to the operation, and Huawei will face the daunting task of persuading any user to buy her phone, according to our sources.

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On the other hand, Huawei is preparing to launch an alternative to Android, is the operating system Harmony OS, but the company will continue to use Android until the US completely banned.