Huawei plans to conquer the world with a new plan

Huawei explained that it has developed its operating system for smartphones and computers so that it can be used on its devices in the absence of existing systems, Android and Windows, provided by the US technology giant.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Group, said in an interview with German magazine Die Welt that the Chinese company has developed its operating system because US government decisions may affect the availability of US-made operating systems used on its machines.

Richard’s comments confirm an earlier report by the South China Morning Post in April 2018 that revealed a year-long project to build an alternative to Google’s mobile operating system, Android.

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Huawei, China’s largest smartphone vendor, began developing its operating system early in 2012 when the United States opened an investigation into its activities, along with the activities of the Chinese company ZTE.

“We have developed our operational systems, and if it turns out that we can no longer use US systems, we will be ready and have a backup plan,” Yu said. Huawei prefers to work with Google and Microsoft.

According to the newspaper report, the company was still developing the system in 2016, and the ban on the use of US products and services on China’s ZTE  is a real test of China’s technology ambitions.

With Huawei making the Kirin processors on most of its smartphones, it will be in a much better position to overcome the ban on ZTE, which suffered a three-month ban in 2018.

Huawei has immediately lost access to Google and Android

Huawei supplies all of its smartphones with Google‘s Android system, while Microsoft’s Windows-based system is used on its laptop computers.

The US export ban imposed on ZTE over the past year has forced it to shut down its entire operation for almost four months. Most of its products, including smartphones, rely on the main technologies provided by US vendors.

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ZTE was then banned from using Android and Windows and was prevented from receiving exports from US companies to develop its smartphones.

The Reuters news agency reported on Sunday that Google has suspended some of its work with Huawei, which poses a threat to the company’s smartphone sector, as all of its phones are operated by the Android operating system from Google.

According to the report, Google has stopped its work requiring the transfer of hardware and software products with Huawei, except those covered by open source licenses, which is a new blow to the Chinese technology company, after being listed by the US government on its blacklist.