Google Android Q Has Improved Gesture Controls

Some rumours catching the attention of the android users is there are some pre-release builds of Android Q floating around out there. These speculations are about Android 9 Pie and gestures introduced. As compared to the gestures offered on the 2018 Apple iPhone models and the iPhone X some find it lacking, but other Android users are satisfied.

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If you remember when using the Android 9 gestures, the back button comes and goes, if the user wants to go back a page, the button appears and if it is not needed it doesn’t.

Google revamped the Android navigation scheme with gestures in Android Pie. A new version of Android Q obtained by XDA unveils that in the next Android, the pill is there for home but also multitasking is a swipe up.   A gesture is used to left swipe the pill if the user wants to go back and back button can be removed and replaced and right to view the previously active app.

Just for a gentle reminder, the pre-release version of Android Q unveils that the new navigational gestures will be as follows:

  • Tap pill to go “Home”
  • Long press on the pill opens Google Assistant
  • Short swipe up of the pill will take you to recent apps/multitasking
  • Long swipe up of the pill will open the app drawer
  • Slide pill to the right will allow you to view your recent apps
  • A quick swipe of the pill to the right will let you see the last app you’ve opened
  • Slide pill to the left to go back

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Some of the features of Android Q were leaked prior, and we can look forward to the newer version of the operating system to finally bring a system-wide Dark Mode, refurbish app permissions, Samsung DeX-like Desktop Mode, and enhanced File Manager with file type filters. We are also hoping from the company to bring improved accessibility features.