Google’s New Application “Task Mate” Will Let You To Earn Money At Home

Google's New Application

If you want to make money working from home and also for a big company like Google, now is the best opportunity for you.

A new app from the Google “Task Mate” is being introduced, in which people generally do things like drag photos from the stores or will make money through short video clips.

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Currently, the app is only live for users in India and you will need an invitation code to be a part of it, after which you will be able to work on tasks.

Earlier, an app called Google Opinion Readers was launched to ask questions about Google products or places they’ve been to, in return for which Play Store credit was provided. But in this new app, the actual amount will be paid instead of the credit.

Task Mate divides tasks into 2 categories, one for sitting tasks such as recording sentences and the other for taking pictures while walking. In return, customers will be paid in local currency.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but Google has said that the data will be used by Google for search, accent, and image recognition.

Once the task is completed, users must link it to a third-party payment partner’s account to receive money in a bank account or mobile wallet.

How long it can be introduced in countries other than India is not yet announced by Google.