Google Celebrates Success of App Growth Lab Program, Reinforces Commitment to Empower Pakistan’s App and Gaming Industry

Google Celebrates Success of App Growth Lab Program, Reinforces Commitment to Empower Pakistan's App and Gaming Industry

Google recently celebrated the success of its App Growth Lab program at a graduation event, highlighting the achievement of 94 Pakistani game and app development studios. This marks the second edition of the program, which has expanded its reach beyond mobile game developers, including app developer studios and companies seeking growth acceleration with Google’s support. The number of participating studios increased from 54 to 254 this year, underscoring the program’s positive impact on Pakistan’s app and gaming ecosystem.

Spanning from June to September 2023, the program comprised two essential phases: an educational phase and an extensive support phase. Notably, this edition featured improvements to deliver a more tailored learning experience, with customized training sessions addressing the specific needs of gaming and app developers at various stages of their business journeys.

Throughout the program, participating studios gained insights from Google experts in areas such as Google Ads, AdMob, and Play. Immersive educational workshops and mentoring sessions provided valuable guidance, with industry leaders and peers sharing expertise on app development, launch strategies, and scaling app businesses to a global audience.

Farhan Qureshi, Google Regional Director for Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, highlighted the remarkable growth of Pakistan’s app economy, emphasizing that Pakistani developers now rank as the 16th largest developer market by downloads globally.

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Ehtisham Malik, Head of Marketing at MicZon, expressed gratitude for the Growth Lab program, stating its importance in elevating Pakistan’s gaming industry. Shoaib Ali, CEO of Al Basirr Technologies Private Limited, a 2023 participant, attested to the program’s impact, noting record growth achieved in a short span, surpassing accomplishments from the past six years.

Graduates of the program can extend their collaboration with Google by applying for the Google App Acceleration Program (GAAP), continuing to receive support from Google specialists. The success stories of former GAAP participants further emphasize the program’s efficacy in fostering long-term partnerships and industry growth.